Custom luxurious homes made easy.


Dynasty Luxury Homes has been in business since 1998. Since then we have been providing those around the DFW area a simple, easy way to build the houses that they've always wanted to.

One of the first things we set out to do is provide a nice, transparent view into the building process complete with educated suggestions if need be. And in this new technological age, we utilize BuilderTrend to improve that view even further.

If you would like to speak with us, feel free to call (817)-896-3828 for a free consultation. If you have your own lot and would like to build, please view our build on your lot program.

Putting the "Custom" back in custom homes.

If you've already been talking with various home builders, you may already know that custom isn't actually custom anymore. You can choose from plan A or B, and take a room from C and place it in the B plan.

But with Dynasty, the picture in your mind is the finished product, taking structural concerns into account.

Work with our renowned designer to create the perfect blueprint for you and your families needs and desires.

The other beautiful thing about working with Dynasty is the price. Our cost plus model ensures that all you pay for is the cost of the materials and labor of the construction, and a small fee for the general contractor, Gerald.